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Step Four: Fabrication and Assembly

4Once we've worked with you to finalize and approve the design and specification for your project, its time to begin the work to assemble, test, and package your finished solution. We will draw from our extensive local inventories and order any additional necessary parts. We'll also source and integrate any third-party products as required. Our approach is always collaborative, working closely with you to ensure we understand your application and are developing the configuration that most completely meets your needs. As such, our team are available to answer any of your questions before, during and post-production.

Our Custom Solutions Associates are qualified to Swagelok's benchmark for assembly fabrication. Further, Swagelok Calgary is a certified pressure piping fabrication contractor holding a valid ABSA Certificate of Authorization Permit (AQP number) for the integration of pressure piping fabrication activities in the province of Alberta. Let us to tackle the nuances associated ABSA while giving you peace of mind with your Swagelok total solution.

All Swagelok® Custom Solutions offerings are developed in accordance within the guidelines of Swagelok’s ISO-based quality system to ensure quality, safety and reliability. These guidelines enable us to distribute Swagelok-approved fluid system components and fabricate and install piping systems in accordance with ASME B31.1 and B31.3.

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