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Compressed Gas Leak Detection

Leakage is a serious consideration in the reliable performance of fluid systems – even the smallest leaks can cost facilities thousands of dollars a year. Finding leaks in compressed air systems can seem like chasing an invisible villain. But at Swagelok, we have the tools and expertise to help.

We’ve found that about two-thirds of energy costs for compressed air and gas can be significantly reduced without large capital outlay. Our comprehensive evaluation of you plant leverages our 70 years of expertise in fluid systems and sensitive technology to identify and quantify fugitive emissions at the source. We will work with your team to improve system performance and reduce operational costs by our proven process:compressed air survey

  • Initial discussion to review your unique situation and requirements
  • Customized evaluation proposal
  • In-plant evaluation, in consultation with your team
  • Detailed report with prioritized recommendations and solutions
  • Ongoing support and leak prevention training
  • Revalidation once remediation work complete

The results offer sound insight on issues of reliability, productivity, profitability, energy conservation, and emission control.

Proven Process

How much did your facility spend on electricity last year? In 2018, Swagelok Evaluation & Advisory Services saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Learn more about some of those savings in our Compressed Gas infographic.

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