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Swagelok® Steam Trap Evaluation Services

Steam TrapSteam production costs have increased to a point where it is essential to obtain maximum steam system efficiency. With rising energy costs, it is extremely important to incorporate an annual steam trap evaluation program to accomplish the following:

  • Reduce energy losses
  • Increase system reliability
  • Keep failure rates below 3% annually
  • Decrease combustion emissions
  • Decrease production downtime
  • Improve steam quality

According to one DOE statistic, only about 20 percent of all steam system recommendations are actually followed up on. At Swagelok, we want to ensure the successful operation of your steam systems with in-depth analysis and quantifiable results.

We offer a comprehensive, unbiased assessment based solely on the performance of your steam trap systems. Incorporating a variety of proven methods, our team will conduct a full, in-plant evaluation of your steam trap systems, discussing any steam system issues and opportunities for improvement. At the conclusion of the evaluation you’ll receive a full report documenting our findings and outlining a roadmap of recommended improvements. 

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Eliminate costly issues that cause safety concerns, unplanned downtime, or low product yield. Our advisors will identify ways to increase your systems reliability, keep your failure rates below 3% annually, and improve the quality of your steam.

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