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Step Five: Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty

5You trust our components. Now trust our team of experts to build fluid system assemblies tailored to meet the needs of your application. As always, Swagelok products and services, including assemblies, are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty; we guarantee everything that we do. So whether it's simple or complex, we want to work with you to bring the right level of Swagelok resources to resolve your unique application requirements. Give us a call to discuss your project, or click to send us your idea, we're ready to add value to your operation.

Testing and Documentation

Swagelok Pressure Relief Valve SettingWe take pride in the quality, safety and performance built into each Swagelok® Custom Solution. As such, we're able to execute a variety of testing procedures to ensure the completed project exceeds your expectations. Whether it be hydrostatic or pneumatic pressure testing and verification, you can be assured that your completed assembly is ready for immediate installation and operation.

Swagelok Calgary holds an Alberta Certificate of Authorization Permit, allowing standard pneumatic leak testing within the stored energy, temperature and material limitations as defined by ABSA. We monitor and record pressure and temperature variables over the course of the test allowing you to visualize the measurements graphically. This allows us to meet both customer approvals and industry regulatory requirements, complemented by a complete and comprehensive technical documentation package.

Our Vendor Data Book is issued to provide all the necessary documentation required by the regulatory authorities. The contents include, but are not limited to:

  • AB-83
  • Reference Drawings
  • ABSA Certificate
  • Test Chart and Report
  • Reference equipment Certificates & Verifications
  • Inspection Checklist
  • Bill of Material
  • Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs)
  • Swagelok Component Certificates of Compliance
  • Third Party Component Certificates of Compliance (where available)
  • Tubing Material Test Reports (MTRs)

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