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Downstream Oil & Gasdown

The downstream process produces the most products that are closely tied to customers such as liquefied natural gas, gasoline, heating oil, synthetic rubber, plastics, lubricants, antifreeze, fertilizers, and pesticides. Whether you're looking at upstream, midstream, or downstream, the goal is to produce a high-quality product that consumers recognize.

With more emphasis on reducing the environmental impact, and increasing cost savings without compromising the quality of the product, three key factors should be considered — proper design, standardized training and proper maintenance. Furthermore, trusting in a supplier goes beyond the quality of products they provide, it's having a wide range of services that customers value and rely on to keep their operations running safe and reliable, as intended. 

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Besides reliable products, we offer practical training, design and assembly support, and evaluation and advisory services delivered by a global network of professionals committed to helping you overcome challenges inherent to accessing the energy reserves that fuel our world. Whatever your fluid system needs, trust that Swagelok can help. Explore the wide range of products and services we offer:


Custom Solutions

From simple assemblies, to more complex, total solutions, we can fabricate them to your exact specification and requirement.


Evaluation & Advisory Services

Our experienced experts will visit your facility and evaluate your systems and advise on enhancements that will improve your operations.


Training & Education

We know how important it is to have highly-trained, knowledgeable associates so that you can work safely and efficiently.